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    Candle Holder

    Light up the candle, enjoying the glimmer in your eyes;

    snuff out the candle, turning the ephemeral into eternal.


    Twilight hopes to integrate the function of a flame snuffer with a candle holder as well as maintaining the imagery of a lit candle even when the flame is extinguished. When using the metal lid to snuff out the flame, the metal lid not only blocks the burnt candle core but also replaces it with a metal flame. Under the reflection of the room light, the concave shaped metal snuffer reflects light to the metal flame and projects light shading on the wall, creating a glorious imagery of a lit candle that can be kept eternally.

  • Product ID: KNR04-TW

    Color: Gold / Rose Gold / Silver

    Material: Brass / Copper / Stainless Steel / Glass

    Dimension: L 8.5 x W 8.5 x H 12 cm

    Manufacturer: Made in Taiwan

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