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Kanari was first conceived in London by 2010 by designer Hsiang Wang. During his time living in Canary Wharf, Hsiang had an ambition to open a design studio, Studio Kanari. By changing the letters “C” and “Y” of Canary into “K” and “I”, Hsiang hopes the brand could be developed freely in the field of design like a canary bird. In 2013, Studio Kanari was officially founded in Taipei, Taiwan, in hopes of continuing his enthusiasm and design ideologies. With his design team in Taiwan, Kanari aims to explore the interactive possibilities of products to achieve the goal of symbiosis between design and life.
Kanari is a home accessories brand featuring metallic material. We believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between “humans” and “objects”. The word symbiosis in Greek means “together” and “living”, a biological term that stands for a codependent relationship between two different entities. Kanari incorporates the concept of symbiosis into product design. Through careful observation of the interaction between human and objects, Kanari aims to create modern home accessories that redefine our environment by bringing simplicity, quality, and beauty into everyday life. Together + Living, embracing a better life.
Sep 2019   Paris / MAISON & OBJET   
Aug 2019   New York / NY NOW
Apr 2019   Taipei / 2019 Creative Expo Taiwan
Apr 2018   Taipei / 2018 Creative Expo Taiwan
Apr 2017   Taipei / 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan
Oct 2016   Bangkok / BIG+BIH Fair
Sep 2016   Tokyo / Tokyo International Gift Show
Apr 2016   Taipei / 2016 Creative Expo Taiwan
Nov 2015   Yilan / 2015 Design Expo
Sep 2015   Paris / MAISON & OBJET
Apr 2015   Taipei / 2015 Creative Expo Taiwan
Oct 2014   Tokyo / Tokyo Designers Week
2020 Singapore Good Design Award
2016 Culture & Creative Award
2016 Golden Pin Design Award
2016 82th Tokyo International Gift Show



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